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ERD Solutions. is a value added Services Provider of category-leading unified e-business & Marketing planning, infrastructure development, implementation, and Product Promotional solutions
with a global network of specialty ERD’s teams create unique services in field of website designing, Web hosting, e-marketing, Social media development and provide exceptional support to
accelerate the business of its clients through comprehensive event management solutions. Strong relationships at every level of the organization enable clients to receive support tailored to their

Companies need assistance in many areas of their business and at many stages in their
growth and looking to outsource specific areas of expertise or to give a project a kick start assistance. ERD has offered different levels of assistance over the years, minimal assistance in areas
where specific knowledge was required for a limited period, rapid applications development for organizations who have outgrown their existing systems and need a working solution delivered in
the time that their existing resources would take to just analyze the problem. Long term solutions where a massive change in corporate strategy is required, where effective change management to
re-engineer all systems and services from the ground up. All of these levels have been provided to customers of all sizes in recent years.

The strength of ERD is its base of dedicated specialists, people that have worked together on many long and intricate projects, delivering time and time again customers’ requirements. ERD can
assist in all areas of your business as it can draw on a dedicated team of professionals.


Message from CEO:

atifIn order to succeed, organizations need to grow: because the world moves forward at an ever-quickening pace, stagnation really means moving backward. Since the company’s very beginning, ERD Solution has continued to demonstrate impressive growth in terms of product offerings, research and development, geographic reach, number of customers, number of employees, and, of course, revenue. This growth has enabled us to be innovative, creative, and among the first—and in some notable cases, the very first—to provide new solutions for the rapidly changing social media marketing and e-content market.
Ebusiness and Social media business has enormous potential in the Country and I find business opportunities in the business, particularly the SME sector very encouraging. I am confident that ERD Solutions will continue its progress and achieve greater heights in future.

M Atif Islam Bangash
CEO & Founder ERD Solutions